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• Are recovery and resolution activities stalled indefinitely, in debt recovery cases, because one or more of your debtors has absconded, or whose whereabouts and status are otherwise unknown or unconfirmed ?




• Is the concentration of efforts and resources applied to individual elusive or absconded debtors, resulting in the neglect of collectable accounts, to the detriment of average debtor days outstanding on the Debtor's Ledger ?


• In the case of outstanding debtor accounts, is the creditor dealing with Bad Debts or Doubtful Debts or just customer accounts where the customers concerned are experiencing temporary cash-flow or other financial difficulties ? In the latter instance, is the mismanagement of these customer accounts now, going to result in you loosing their valuable custom in the future.


• Do those debtor accounts where legal proceedings are in progress, or otherwise contemplated, possess assets by which the indebtedness can be secured ?




• Can a creditor illustrate that best efforts have been employed in the attempt to locate individual absconded debtors ?


• Have you experienced less-than-successful reporting outcomes from other tracing/investigation agencies ?




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